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having this issue from last days, when opening business, there’re 3 business added, but when opening one of these getting error, other 2 working fine,


How far do you get? Presumably, Manager launches. Does this happen as soon as you click the business name? Does it happen only when this business is the first one you open after launching? Or does it also happen when the other businesses have been opened first?

Also, how do you recover? Is the program completely frozen?

actually i use GOOGLE DRIVE for data folder, and Having 3 business, 2 of these are inactive, and one is active, from last days we’re facing this problem, the one business which is active, when ever we try to launch it, we’re getting the above problem or HTTP 500 Server Not Found,

then I’ve copied the data files to system drive folder, uninstall Manager, downloaded manager again, reinstalled and restart even, but still having the same issue …

please help, as I don’t have backup of data also, and it’s the data of last 7 months,

When you “copied the data files to system drive folder,” where exactly did you put them? And did you import them using the Add Business button? You need to. See this Guide:

You also need to change your application data folder path back to the default, if it is still set for Google. See this Guide:

Now you know why frequent backups on a separate drive are recommended.

see I’ve did all these things even changed to default place also , but still having same issue, if you can assist me, I’ll provide my Teamvier to you … as it’s really important I don’t have any backup of the data …

I definitely will not help you via Teamviewer. I am a forum moderator, another user like you. That would raise all sorts of privacy issues.

The business giving you trouble may have been corrupted. Can you describe when it was last used successfully and whether you updated software (Manager or anything else) between the time when you could last use it and when it started generating this error? If you updated Manager prior to the problem appearing, how old was your previous version?

I ask this because there have been a few cases where a data file from a very old version did not properly convert when a newer version of the program was installed. A problem like that only @lubos would be able to solve.

last time successfully It’ve been used by 12 jun morning, and from 12 jun evening it stop working … I wold like to request @lubos to assist me in this case, cos really I’m having big problem.

the software or windows wasn’t updated, but when it stop work, we restart our machines and downloaded manager again, and did all possible ways …

sometime we gate below screen when the source is GOOGLE DRIVE …


Seems like your SQLite database got corrupted. Do you have a backup?

If Google Drive lets you to retrieve previous version of the database, then download version from a few days ago, then import it into Manager and you should be OK.

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it works, I’ve just downloaded 8 days older version of Data and had Backup,

bundle of thanks, i can’t express my feelings :slight_smile:

will be pleased to do something for you, :slight_smile: here in U.A.E …

thanks alot …

and thanks to you also <3 … :slight_smile: