Manager codenames proposal

May I suggest about Manager version code? Like other programmers use version code, they create the code with the unique number to represent their software.

Like Windows, Android and many software if they change many things and make the software so different like before the first number changed like Windows 7 and Windows 8, or Android Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.
Because when I download the new version, I almost don’t know what the difference before and after I upgrade.

This is just a suggestion.

And how well does this system work for Microsoft when half of their users refuse to upgrade to Windows 8 because they think it sucks? Something clearly didn’t go right.

Don’t download new versions of Manager every day. Every software vendor adopts their own release cycle. I’ve adopted the one when new versions are released multiple times a day so obviously differences between individual versions are going to be subtle but over the course of a month they add up to quite a lot. So it’s OK to upgrade only once a month and you will be still considered being on cutting edge.