Different versions of Manager, example Manager-Lite, Standard etc?

I was thinking if it will be a good idea to have different versions of the software instead of putting all the eggs in one basket, for example, some people might not need all the features like inventory etc. This will prevent the software from getting bloated in the near future.

Manager already has mechanism to turn on/off individual features. This is a lot more powerful concept than fragmenting the software into further editions. Also it’s kind of hard to decide what features would belong where because there is huge variety among businesses and accounting processes. Not to mention, even single business is subject to evolution and requirements change over the lifetime of business.

I can assure you, the software won’t become bloated. One of the core principles of developing Manager is to make sure new modules are never visible unless they are enabled. That means when you upgrade and Manager has new features, you won’t see them unless you explicitly enable them.

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Well said, Manager at present is going in the right direction.

I love the Manager but it is hard to know when it has updated and I hope changelog would help it.