Manager Cloud Edition Upgrade


I am currently using the free desktop version of Manager.

I would like to switch to the cloud edition for the sole reason of having access to the software on multiple devices.

I have two queries re this :-

If I switch to the cloud edition now, will the transactions I have in the desktop version be copied to the cloud edition?

The only issue I have with the desktop version is the ease of deletion of transactions. Meaning that if I process an incorrect transaction I can simply delete it, whereas accounting rules clearly say that incorrect transactions should be reversed and the reversal clearly shown. I would prefer if this option is NOT available on the cloud edition for audit purposes. Is it?

Thanks for your feedback,

Shaun Azzopardi

No. You must transfer the business data file. See

All editions of Manager are identical, with the exceptions that server and cloud editions allow multiple users and remote access.

You might also want to verify the “accounting rules” to which you refer. It is common to edit transactions when errors are discovered soon after entry, especially before the end of defined accounting periods, such as monthly. Otherwise, we would be reversing transactions constantly because of simple typing errors. Prevention of changes to records from closed accounting periods are handled in Manager by setting a Lock Date. See

Shaun is right. Manager does not fulfil the rules in some countries that once an invoice is issued then it can’t be changed and is “locked”… If you need to make changes then you need to issue a credit invoice or a new winvoice…
A system that allows users to alter invoices etc after they are issued will not get “accepted” for some authorities using self-numbering computerized invoicing systems…
This is the case in Iceland (here is an online-translated link:

There is says for example: "… (3) Ensure that you can trace the history of data through the accounting system, and you can neither edit or delete records, or electronic documents. You can set up query utilities to retrieve data from the database system to answer user account questions… "

That is precisely my point Leifur.

If I may add to your comments, there are some programs that allow the text of invoices and journal entries to be edited, and these are accepted by the authorities in Malta.

However, programs that allow the values to be changed through an edit function, without an adjusting entry, and those that simply allow the complete deletion of an accounting entry are definitely not accepted.

Manager is a simple and efficient tool to use, however these facts force me to re-think buying the cloud edition.

Alternatively you can print the invoices in triple copies since there is no demand from the authorities that you actually have any kind of an accounting system as far as I know… So as long as you record your invoices with pre-numbering etc then you should be fine…
I am using this system for Iceland but I get our books audited by 3rd party for each accounting year.