Manager Backup (Invalid file format)

After a update to version 19.2.13, now I can’t add my businesses from the backup
The message invalid file format appears, Any help?

Why are you trying to do this? If all you did was update the Manager software, your businesses should still be listed on the Businesses page.

What operating system are you using, and how did you update? Also, post a screen shot of the error message.

Am using macOS sierra version 10.12.6
i just downloded setup from manager website and updated. but I had my backup file which was on my laptop runing windows 10 after updating my system i backup the file on my external and flash I have done this for a year plus just to keep my transactions on like three safe divices,
I have all the three back up files but all fail to import.
my last bacup was 18/01/19

For the update on your Mac, did you follow these instructions:

For the backup and import, did you follow instructions here:

I just imported a backup file on a Mac using the same Manager version (19.2.21) you are using. Everything worked perfectly.