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Dear Lubos,

is it possible at second level of the api, ie “This is a collection of objects under Business grouped by type” to add index.json as all other levels?


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That’s the only missing index file.

@Davide, this is how I currently process the “collection” to determine what info should be available…

The uuid for the Tabs tab is ac789d1f-034f-4964-a8b5-ebfffc3511f2. If you use this key with the file ID and add “.json”, as in…


you will get back a Key value pair of all tabs that have been enabled for that business file. e.g.

  "BankAccounts": true,
  "SalesInvoices": true,
  "PurchaseInvoices": true,
  "PurchaseOrders": true,
  "DeliveryNotes": true,
  "InventoryItems": true,
  "FixedAssets": true,
  "Customers": true,
  "Suppliers": true,
  "Emails": true,
  "SalesOrders": true,
  "Employees": true,
  "Payslips": true,
  "BillableExpenses": true,
  "CashAccounts": true,
  "InterAccountTransfers": true,
  "ReceiptsAndPayments": true,
  "BankReconciliations": true

Armed with this you will then know what other tabs/keys/uuids to look at.

Hint The UUID for “BankAccounts” (and the others) is the same in all businesses.

Dear @MarkLL, thanks a lot.

Do you know how to get UUIDs of all the Tabs? By the way the list seems “incomplete” since I need to find the UUID of all the objects not only of all the Tabs.

Finally. It seems that the listed objects are not all the objects mapped by API. How did you discover it? Do you know if there is a way to access also to the “big table”, ie the one that contains all kinds of transactions that is queried by Custom Fields?

Yes. I wrote some code that parses the HTML code so that I could pull all the uuids out and cataloged them in an Excel spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Do you really need ALL the object uuids? The easiest way for some of the objects is to use the Front End .json method. e.g. add “.json” to a normal Tab display so for Customers in NorthWind I use https://server/customers.json?FileID=Tm9ydGh3aW5kQVBJ and pull out and convert the json to get the name and uuid. Same for Suppliers and Inventory.

For the Chart of Accounts, I create a single day, single period trial balance report and add “.json” e.g. https://server/trial-balance-view.json?Key=195bc724-04ac-44ab-8889-84c47f816fd3&FileID=Tm9ydGh3aW5kQVBJ and convert the resulting json data.

Do this once and you have all your code (till new entries are added).

It’s a skill I have been using and developing for 40+ yrs LOL. Most of the uuids are in the links of the html and I wrote some automation scripts to test and extract what I needed.

Not that I have found.

Custom fields are a bit of a problem in the api right now. In some cases the “-”'s have been removed which kind of breaks things.

I’ll hopefully have something more in the next couple of weeks… :wink:

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Sorry. i meant Transactions under Custom Reports. I find using old APIs useless for BI because they don’t give access to all the Transactions list. So mapping all those tables would mean writing Manager’s calculation engine from scratch.