API changes

Before I used to go to API and see account names besides their key which was extremely useful for batch creation and update.

Sometime when I was not paying attention this changed, now I only get this:

Did I do something wrong, or is this just a bug

[Edit] Can we at least get the display names and codes in the index? Because that would be great

HTML is not part of API. Only .json files are. If your integration was relying on object names in HTML view, then it shouldn’t have.

There is new work being done on API so you can retrieve all json files in single request rather than scanning one by one. This would allow you to retrieve all account names in single hit.


I too had code relying on using names on index pages. Is there any timeframe for new API to be released.

I am not integrating, I just used the names that appeared to get the keys for my Batch Create and Batch Update

Can we please have names in index pages. I know Ur working on new API but is There any reason to change index page format. Due to lack of proper API, we relied on what’s available to automate tasks like uploading bank feeds, creating new invoices and some payroll stuff. Also it was easier to view records without going back to Main site. I would appreciate if names are restored back until U sort new API please. Thanks

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Hi Lubos, do you mean just add .json into last of the URL like http://MY_IP:8080/customers.json?FileID=xxxxx

It doesn’t work since I upgrade the manger.io in this December 2019

Any idea?