IDEAS - CSV urls

Dear @lubos,

always in the logic of BI, it possible implement a functionality to get a csv of a list directly through an URL?

Some examples:

  1. The lists of the clients/supplier/invoices etc etc- something very similar to the lists you get from batch update
  2. Lists implemented through Custom Reports - Something very similar to the copy to clipboard with the possibility also tho show UUID in custom reports

This is far from the ideal solution but it is something that I think it can be implemented quickly (csv export was supported in Manager till not long ago).

Sorry to be so insistent but our business is about to scale up and I need to know if I should keep with Manager or if we should change to something more open since we have been discussing this topic since we started using manager, ie 5 years ago.

Is not that functionality already supplied via Manager’s API


You don’t get a csv file but you get a index.json file containing the UUIDs which you can use to build other urls to access the data.