Desktop App closes/crashes when I try to reorder accounts

I’m on Linux. I have a problem of the app closing/crashing
Before posting my issue, I have just downloaded the latest version but the problem still persists.

Im on Linux LTS (Long Term Support) of KDE plasma ie kubuntu with all updates to the OS
Manager version updated to : 20.7.97

If I go…
Settings > Chart of Accounts
I see a layout of all my accounts such as expenses, income, assests etc etc…
I can add a New Group, create New Account etc etc… All good!

But there was a time where I could grab the handle (the verticle double ended arrow icon) to the right of an account and drag with my mouse to recorder the visual placement which would be reflected in the summary report also. But as soon as I attempt to drag and re-order how they are presented, the App ManagerIO will close/crash.

Whats going on here? Please help fix.

Thank you

This is a known bug, already in the bugs listing: Bug Report: Click+Drag on Linux crashes program (always) - #15 by shah_p_r.