Management of the display document

I’m a new user and it’s the first time that I write to your forum.
Congratulations on your software. It’s very good.

I want to ask if I could make a management of the display invoice.
For examplef, if I could add at the end of the document some details, like bank details, or places for signatures, or amounts written in full.

With the standard invoice you can use the “Notes” field at the base of the screen form to insert such details and if you click the blue “Set Default” then they can be recurring for each invoice

Thanks for your quick reply.
I just make a test and everything i write are placed in the center of the document.
I want to placed at the end of the document. Do you know how can i fix this?

Thanks in advance.

You will have to write an entirely new HTML custom template under Settings > View Templates.

Or you can add a few blank lines to push the notes section down the page.