Manage vending machines


I would like to use Manager to manager a couple of copying machines. We charge a small amount for each print and i am tired of broken excel files.

For the moment i can’t figure what would be the logical setup. I’ve puted all the different paper size with the price attached to it in the inventory so i can issue an invoice.

The thing i s that i don’t know how to set the machines themselves: as Client or as an Asset.

There is a small amount of money in each machine so the user can have his money back

I have too an amount of let say 500$ to ensure that there is always change in the machine ( for example if there 0,25$ missing in a machine i take like 5$ from income of this month put it with the 500$ and take 5$ in 0,25$ to put in the machine)

I know it seems a bit complicated but once the set up done it would be far more reliable than an excel…

Any ideas?

Set up a cash account for each machine and one for your $500 reserve fund.

Presumably, the copy machines cost enough that legal requirements in your jurisdiction will require you to depreciate rather than expense them. So set them up as fixed assets. They are definitely not customers, because they don’t pay you.

What isn’t clear is how your charging and collecting practices work. Do customers pay at the machine? If not, why is there money in them “so the user can have his money back?” If they are paying a human representative in some way, are you charging them based on a sale price per sheet of paper? Are all sales paid immediately, or are you issuing sales invoices for later collection?

The customers pay directly in the machine. We collect the money once a month. We print a report from the machine telling us how many copies of each format was done and the money that should be in the revenu box. Then we count what’s in the box to check if there are discrepancies. This need to be a part of the process too. It’a like a bank reconciliation i guess…

How would i be able to keep track of how many copies of each format are done. Maybe it is not necessary to enter all this in the software and do one transaction a month in the bank account for each machine and use the report as a bank statement…not sure how to do this part…

That’s what the report from the machine is for. Personally, I would not try to manage paper in inventory, because you aren’t selling paper; your machines sell copies. The paper is a current expense of running the machines, just like electricity and depreciation. Monthly summary entries sound like a good idea.

Ok i’ll start with that and see if i bump in some issues or requirement i didn’t think already. i will post my progress if it can be of any use for someone else.

thanks a lot for your help. it’s much appreciated!

You might think about using Tracking Codes for each machine. Then when you enter a deposit or incur an expense, you could indicate which machine(s) the income or expense are for using the tracking codes. That way, your Profit and Loss could show you profit or loss on each machine.

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Another option might be Special Accounts. Read this topic for more information:

I’ll check that too it seems interesting.

Thanks for your help

To clarify, do you mean as a standalone Manager business or as part of another manager business.
If standalone, then an adaption of the “safe” solution provided in another topic could be applicable.

As a standalone business. I know that a lot of people tell me that it is better to use excel, but everything is in excel for the moment and it’s been a complete mess for years. In no way excel is good to store data. It’s good to manipulate the data and analyze it but i tell you there will always be a time when you’ll loose data…

To manage the paper create them as Inventory Items - say A4, A3.
If you aren’t interested in the paper cost (just managing the machine revenues), then just enter a sheet quantity only Purchase Invoice using a Supplier “Paper Inputs” as they are being loaded into the machines.

The small amount in the machine so the user get a refund would be setup as Starting Balance (petty cash float) for each machine.

Using the monthly report to create a Cash Sale Receipt .
Enter the sales per paper size as per the report - so gross sales.
If the report sales v’s the cash count has a mismatch, add an additional line to the Sales Invoice using an Account called - Count Variances.

To track each machines revenues separately either use tracking codes (which requires an additional report) or in the Chart of Accounts create two groups so the Summary tab all results individually as well as collectively.