Cash Accountability for Vending Machine

Hello, we are a vending company and trying to organize the cash accountability a little bit. What we wanted is to see on how we can use Manager for the cash collection records. We have 500 vending machines on different address. Route drivers will refill and collect cash on a given day, maybe about 30 machines in 1 day. This is what we wish to see.

accountname machine type city date cash
Auto Repair Snack Machine Seattle, WA 2/21/2015 $35.00
Shoes Store Soda Machine Kent, WA 2/21/2015 $56.00
Community Library Soda Machine Redmond, WA 2/21/2015 $42.50

where the accountname is a dropdown, machinetype and city autopopulates, dates and cash are input.

Is this possible in Manager? And so, please let me know how i can setup with this system in steps. Thank you.

I would setup each vending machine as cash account under Cash accounts basically treat them as cash tilts.

When route driver refills the machine and collects cash, first he will count the balance increase which could be entered as Receive money transaction (this would be summary transaction recording total sales since last visit). Then he will collect the cash from the machine, this can be entered as Transfer money transaction so the closing balance of cash account will always represent the amount of money in the machine at end of last visit by route driver.

Lubos this is a brilliant idea, this setup will solve the problem of many vending machine owners and they will get details of balance increase and decrease as receive and transfer money.

You are responding to a 2-1/2 year old topic about procedures that have since changed.