Duplicate / Clone P&L Reports

Hi, im running a small vending machine business and Manager is doing exceptionally well in helping me to manage stock levels, invoices, purchase orders and so, however, id like to run a seperate report for each machine / site that I have to show turn over, inventory costs and so. I have this setup and it works perfectly except to set up a new report for each machine i have to begin the process agian from scratch which is painful. Is there a way that I can set it up once, clone it and modify the tracking codes to suit each machine? Any help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Reports cannot be cloned. But maybe you are making more work than necessary. You have not explained the content of your P&L reports, but obtaining reports for the different machines/sites could be as simple as:

  • Creating and using a tracking code for each machine. (It sounds like this is already what you are doing.)
  • Defining one P&L report for the desired time span.
  • Selecting the desired tracking code on the Edit screen for the report:


There is no need to create and save reports for every machine and every period. A report does not actually exist as a document. The report definition only sets a group of parameters for a report. The report itself is recreated every time you view it.

So let’s say you want reports for all your machines for January 1 through today. All you have to do after the P&L is set up is run through the tracking codes by editing them. Next month, do the same. In fact, if you are looking at year-to-date performance, set the “To” date as the end of the year and you will not need to edit any dates until next year.

Think of this approach as having reports available for all your machines at once. But instead of creating many reports and selecting from a list of reports, you create one and select from the tracking code dropdown menu.

Thanks for the reply Tut! Report content is as below. With this setup it allows me to see what each machine turns over each month through the year and also gives gross and net profits, As you can see i have to type each line in for each machine and was wondering if there was a quicker way to do this.

and this is for all machines tracking collectivley throught the yearallowing me to see what each machine owes me, how much ive spent on it and gives again a gross and net return

I was afraid you would show me something like this, @nannas_ed. :wink: The first report is the most troublesome. Unfortunately, because you are looking for two-dimensional matrices of results (Machine x Month), there is no shortcut for setting up what you want.

The second report is not so bad. You must set it up at the beginning of the year, of course, as you need to for any P&L statement. But all you have to do when you add a new machine is add one more comparative column for it.