Fixed Assets maintenance Module Implementation

I Want to Request To developer To Add Fixed Assets maintenance Module To manager. Like There Is A date Of maintenance Of Each Machine used in business So If manger records that date and when date comes manger gives alert that maintenance of machine is pending and also records history of maintenance and Expenditure of maintenance. + manger makes reports relating to that how much exp is done on which machine related to maintenance.

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Maintenance records and planning are not accounting. But, if you want to separate maintenance expenses by machine, you can design your chart of accounts that way.

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I want to get the reports of maintaince exp by machine but i don’t want to change format of chart of accounts.

Then the only other thing you can do is create a custom field for payments, set up to show as a column. Copy payment listings to a spreadsheet and work with the numbers there. In my opinion, that would be more work than simply keeping a record separately for each machine.