Enable Check Recurring Invoices

Could we somehow enable the checkboxes besides the recurring invoices, so that we can select which recurring invoices are created ? And maybe the unselected ones are just shifted up to the next date without actually creating an invoice.

Right now, I create all recurring invoices and delete the ones that need to be skipped.

Why do you need to occasionally skip the invoice. How do you know which invoices to skip? What’s the trigger?

Sometimes people are on holiday and skip one or two weeks. They just email me and I keep a spreadsheet with people who do and don’t want their usual order.

When customer sends you an email to skip their usual order, go to Settings then Recurring Sales Invoices and edit recurring sales invoice to set their next invoice to whatever date it should resume. No need to maintain separate spreadsheet.

This way, when you create invoices from recurring sales invoices, all invoices which should be skipped won’t appear on the list saving you time as you won’t need to cross-check anything with some spreadsheet.

This would work for the next week. Sometimes though, a customer lets me know a couple of weeks in advance when he/she will be away, so I still will need to maintain a spreadsheet.

It’s not a biggie, I just thought there might be an easy way to enable those check boxes, seeing they are there already.