Mail setup - I'm having this error can anyone solve

MimeKit.ParseException: Unexpected ‘;’ token at offset 20
at MimeKit.MailboxAddress.set_Address(String value)
at MimeKit.MailboxAddress…ctor(String name, String address)
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Settings.EmailSettings.SmtpServer.EmailTest.Post() in /home/runner/work/Manager/Manager/ManagerServer/HttpHandlers/Businesses/Business/Settings/EmailSettings/SmtpServer/EmailTest.cs:line 70
at ManagerServer.Startup.<>c.<b__1_1>d.MoveNext() in /home/runner/work/Manager/Manager/ManagerServer/Startup.cs:line 128
— End of stack trace from previous location —
at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics.ExceptionHandlerMiddleware.g__Awaited|6_0(ExceptionHandlerMiddleware middleware, HttpContext context, Task task)

Without any details about Manager version, Operating system, and what you did to get to this screen it is impossible to help.

In general errors such as this stem from wrong format of the email address. So provide the edit screen of the email setup.

@gils2368, follow all the instructions in the Guide on troubleshooting email.

Looks like a Manager internal error to me.
A screenshot would help and aid correction

These existed quite a while ago hence the request to at least provide the Manger version number as I think this was resolved long ago.

If it was, it should be labeled as such. Of course, we don’t know if the entire error message was posted.

@gils2368, that is why it is preferred to post a screen shot of the entire error rather than copying/pasting.