Mail settings test fails due to password update failure

Hi, I noticed that I could not get smtp-auth to work. As I run my own mail server I could check on both ends what went wrong. The problem is that “Test email settings” button does not actually uses the password that was entered. It uses the password that was last confirmed.

So lets say I enter password “1234”, click “Confirm”. Then I find mail does not work, I go back to “Mail settings”, and change the password to “aaaa”. If I then click “Test email settings”, Manager tries to quthenticate using “1234” and not “aaaa”. I think this is not intuitive, as I would expect Manager to use that content of the password field that I entered at that time (in this case “aaaa”.

I use version 19.2.51. Not the latest, but I find that lately Manager is adding a lot of functions that I do not need but that confuse me instead…

The Guide about sending emails clearly tells you to update settings before testing. The program uses data in the database to execute instructions.

This issue has been fixed in version 19.4

If you are not using the latest version that’s fine but if you discover a bug in older version, you need to be able to reproduce it in the latest version before reporting it because there is a good chance it has been already fixed.