Mac OS with cpanel server unable to send email

I am using Manager 19.2.90 and unable to send emails using smtp via my VPS running cpanel.
When I test the email settings I get no error messages and no email is received.

I am using my domain with autossl cpanel certificate, port 587 (configured for exim and csf firewall are open) with SSL enabled. I can set you up with a temporary email account on the server if you need it for testing.

If there are specific tests I can run, please advice.

I have gone through the previous posts and nothing there seems to solve the problem. They also predate using autossl certificates either from cpanel or letsencrypt.

I am using the builtin mail server for now, but because my VPS server has DKIM and SPF settings, they can be rejected as spam.

Did you update your settings before testing?

If Manager reports the test email has been sent, you will need to examine log of your SMTP server. As far as Manager is concerned, there is no error to report because SMTP server has accepted the email.

I strongly suggest using commercial SMTP server rather than running your own. I’d recommend something like - they have generous free plan.