Lost all reference numbers after upgrade

Hello I just upgraded from version 22.1.40 to the latest and have lost all my reference numbers, how can I get these back? Very important.

What do you mean by “reference numbers”?



The order number of the invoice use to be populated in the reference column, now reference column is empty.

I tried to downgrade the software but the file was converted and will not open with older version :frowning:

Seems order number has been replaced with invoice number, but all invoices created prior to the upgrade have not converted to invoice number so no longer populate the reference column.

I found a work around, I need to copy all order numbers into the new invoice field. My blood pressure and heart rate has returned to normal. haha

Search the forum

This was changed many months ago - you will find information about the change in the forum

Order field on sales invoice form - Manager Forum

Let’s be clear. Order field refers to a sales order number. Reference field in the Sales Invoice tab refers to sales invoice numbers. The two are different. Some discussion in this thread seems to confuse them.

What confused me is my original version of the software (couple years old) did not have order number field so the quote number field was my customer supplied ticket number and the reference field was my invoice number. All good now, I just need to copy the new order number into the reference field for a few thousand invoices, a job for my oldest daughter. Problem is she will need to be put on imaginary payroll and then quality control checks by my wife.

Thanks for the reply.

I hope you understand that can be done with Batch Update.

I will talk to my wife about that when she returns from the Philippines in a couple weeks. Normally I just give her the info for invoices and she deals with the book keeping. Thanks for the input.

What happens if you “edit colums” to show sales order?

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