Lost proper reference data in the Receipt & Payment

I’m using the reference field as a way to keep track of cheque number.
In a previous release, a new custom Bank Reference field was introduced, and all original reference number was moved to Bank Reference and replaced by automated numbers.
After updating to the latest version, the bank reference field was removed, now I’ve lost all past 4 years of cheque number data…
Any suggestions to recover the old data with the new release?

I made it so newer version should put bank reference back to reference field (and remove custom reference). It didn’t happen in your case?

No it didn’t. The automated numbers replaced all bank reference.

Do you know what version you updated from and to?

Something similar happened to me, but I was able to install an older version of Manager and restore my business file from a backup which put me back into the position before all the changes to the Bank Reference field. I had to input a week or two of data again, but that was preferable to losing the cheque numbers.

I waited a few days or so, and then was able to update to the new version and in this case all my cheque numbers were preserved in the Bank reference field

This thread has the story in more detail Add custom Bank Reference field to Bank reconciluation screen

I didn’t track the version.
I usually update once a month. I’m on 18.9.51 now.
I also had to re-input the one-month worth of data manually.
I kinda wanted a partial import function, but that makes no sense as all transactions are integral to one another.
Hopefully such drastic changes would be made as options instead of hard features.