Invoice Numbering

Hi All,
For some strange reason, my invoice numbering has gone weird with a new “set” of numbers being generated rather than carrying on from the original sequence.
I know that it’s probably something that I’ve inadvertently changed when trying to work out the search function but I just can’t figure how to bring it back to normal.

click on the invoice number column heading to sort the list in ascending or descending order. this will help you identify when the issue started.

Thanks for that Shark.

I do know where (or when) it started but each time one of the new (incorrect) invoice numbers was issued, I immediately entered the correct number manually.

Manager will always add 1 to the highest number if you have selected automatic numbering. so if the erroneous reference is a higher number compared to your original sequence, then Manager will only consider the higher number for all future numbering.
you have the option to edit the incorrect transaction and enter a reference number continuing your original sequence or you can manually enter the correct reference numbers for all future transactions.

I realize @sharpdrivetek’s latest options do not sound attractive, @scannerangelaust. You are wondering how to eliminate a problem, not work around it forever.

I agree with your belief that you did something at some point in time that causes this. The question is, what did you do? You have not given enough information to tell. Please describe the problem in greater detail and give explicit examples, preferably showing screen shots of invoice listings illustrating the problem.

Note: just because you have previously entered a higher number does not mean the program will forever use it as the basis for assigning automatic references. Once you eliminate the offending number, the program immediately forgets it. Whatever is causing your problem is still present.

Also, please explain why you think this was related to something “inadvertently changed when trying to work out the search function.”

Hi Tut,

I honestly have no idea what I may have done wrong, all I know is that I went looking to try and find how to search for a serial number shown on an invoice.
(I have set up “Serial Number” as a custom field on my Sales Invoices but haven’t been able to search for an invoice that includes a specific serial number)
I can’t say exactly what I did when experimenting but I do know that after doing what ever I did, when I tried entering invoices, the automatic number allocated was nothing like my proper sequence and instead of allocating a four digit invoice number, it was coming up with six digits instead.

First, your custom field has nothing to do with the automatically assigned reference Manager produces. So nothing said anywhere with regard to automatic sequence numbers will apply. You will be completely on your own for manual entries into the custom field.

Second, if you want to be able to search or sort content of the custom field, it must be set up to show as a column when you define (or edit) it under Settings. Your serial numbers will then show in the Sales Invoice tab listing and can be searched.

Nor should you expect it to be. As mentioned above, the two are completely independent.

That means that somewhere in your existing records, you have a six-digit reference number, possibly entered manually long ago. (Letters will be ignored in the search process Manager uses to assign an automatic number.) This should be easy to find by sorting on the column heading. Just click on it. Click again to reverse the order.