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Hi, we are a fairly new small business, started using Manager and everything we did was a journal entry…worked out that was all wrong and have been fixing it all by doing the correct entries and it is all coming along really well, has been a steep learning curve as I have zero previous experience, it is starting to be more fun than frustrating so that is a good thing :slight_smile: my question is, what is the best way to copy tax invoices/receipts in for purchases that we make? I see a lot of scan apps etc, but nothing seems very easy, or do I just have to manually enter and scan a copy in for each?
cheers and thanks for an amazing product

your first go to place should be the guides section which will clear most of your doubts.

if you are migrating from a previous accounting software, you can enter most transactions as starting balances. read below guide.

you will have to enter them manually as Purchase Invoices. there is no scan and auto-populate values but you can attach the original document as an attachment along with the transaction record in Manager.
read the guide on purchase invoices https://www.manager.io/guides/7189

Data entry is mostly manual. You can import bank statements if that helps.

If you are meaning / still need to attach copies of receipts. When you have an electronic copy save that as a file or print it to a file then attach to the Manager entry. If you have only a paper copy you will need to manually scan each if that is how you want to archive them. Scanning at a relatively low resolution should achieve legal requirements and control Manager back up file size.

Thanks for the replies, it looks like i am doing all of that already so all is good. Very happy with this all up really and the guides have helped me out so much, its been like learning a new trade :slight_smile:
cheers everybody.

I always recommend that you get your accountant to help you setup your system. It is a lot cheaper timewise to get it setup correctly from day one, than to have to go back and change months of data entry that was not input correctly.

Also reading all the Manager guides really does help.

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