Using Manager for Invoices

Hello everyone.

I have a quick question for anyone and I hope it is an easy question.

I am curious about using this software mainly for invoicing. Is this a good idea? Is it difficult to set up?

Thank you for your time!

You will probably get many opinions on this question. Some will undoubtedly conflict.

You can set Manager up and only use it to generate sales invoices. How difficult that will be depends on the kind of business operations you expect, notably whether you sell inventory, provide services, etc.

But understand that Manager is a fairly fully featured double-entry accounting system, not an invoicing program. There are plenty of invoice-generating applications available, many of them free. If that is all you want to do, a different application would probably be easier to set up and use.

That would beg the question, however, of how you are going to do the rest of your accounting. Sending invoices is pointless if you can’t record the incoming receipts and know whether they’ve been paid of not. And you must somehow track your expenses so you can file your income tax return. If your goods or services are taxable, you need a method for assessing the tax and keeping track of your remittances. So why not go all in and do everything through Manager? The program has the benefit that you only need to enable the features you need, so it is simpler than most for small businesses. Have a read through some of the Guides for more background.

Much thanks for the quick reply Tut. I will have a look at the Guides section and see if I can find anything that might be of use.

I might also see what I can find for the invoice applications, not too sure yet.

Thanks again!