Logo causes issues in PDF

Hi, I know that I write a lot of posts today, which I am sorry for…

I have the following issue: I added a logo (JPEG) to Manager.io, as explained in one of the guides. Now, when I try to create a document (a sales invoice, quote, …) and export it to PDF (using the hterefore meant button), it saves the PDF well. When I or someone else opens that generated PDF it gets a error.

In my case, the error is in Dutch. I try to translate is: “Due to an error on the page, the possibility exists that there are problems with the presentation of this document. Please, contact the creator of the document for further assistance.” This didn’t happen before that, when I didn’t have a logo in my manager business.

I use Manager desktop version 19.2.67 on Windows 10 Pro 1803.

Is there any possibility for any assistance?

Make sure the logo is not bigger than 250KB. And try a PNG version. (A few people have reported problems with JPEG images, for some reason, although they should work.)

Was the problem the size or the format?

in fact, I did make a mistake. I told everybody here that it was a JPG? but it was a PNG. The JPG I had was too large (file size).
I reduces the size of the image, and so the file size and use the JPG file instead. And guess what: this solved my problem enterely. It might have been the format of the image: it seems like Manager automatically resized it, wat caused the issue. On screen the logo was 1181 px large.