Company Logo not appearing in PDF


I tried searching the forum but could not come across the issue. I have uploaded a business logo and works fine within the application but when I generate the same as a PDF, the logo disappears except for everything else that stays intact.

What could be wrong from my side?


Your logo is probably too large or of a file type not handled by the PDF generator. Make sure it is smaller than 250 KB. PNG format seems to work with the fewest problems. Otherwise, try JPEG. See

Greetings Tut,
The file format used is PNG with size of 8.22 KB.
Also re-uploaded the same but did not work.


Maybe your PNG has a transparent background? Try converting it to white background.

Are you sure that is 8.22 KB and not 8.22 MB? 8.22 KB would be almost impossibly small.

Hi Davide & Tut,
I am attaching the logos. Perhaps you can try the same and confirm from your side as well.
Also, please find the screenshot of logo sizes showing in KBs



Screenshot of sizes:

While your electronic file size was, indeed, acceptable, the physical size of your image is larger than a page. Manager’s onscreen display scales this down, but the PDF generator does not. Use an image editor to scale the image to something smaller. I used 2 x 2 inches and it comes out fine.

Thanks Tut, reducing the size worked!