Business Logo


I just want to know what type of program can I use to upload my business logo. At this moment it only show a small box with an x in it when I print invoices.


PNG, JPEG, GIF should all work fine. PDF, DOCX, TIFF won’t work. In which format is your business logo? If you are not sure, send your business logo to


Hi… I’m having same issue. I can see the logo from the view option but when I print it’s not on the document.
My logo is in .jpeg and it’s 883 kb



My logo is a 160kb .png file uploaded from my computer and it prints out fine.
Maybe open your image in a photo editing program and save it as a smaller file size… see if that works


Hi! Thank you for your answer.
I did what you suggested but nothing changed.
It is very strange because when I click view I can see the logo perfect, the problem is when I print.


@VTS Actually I have 2 issues. One is the logo when I print documents and the another is one error when I send emails I couldn’t send them.

I deleted my logo and my email starts to work well. So the problem is my logo.
Do you have any idea about what could be happen?


No, sorry I can’t offer any further explanation


There were some discussions about problems caused by logos a couple of months ago. You might find something useful if you search this forum.


If you like, send your logo to I’ll have a look.