Company Details in Purchase Order printout

Can you please add the company details as part of the template of the purchase order?
The reason is because when I need to send the purchase order, there is no place for me to add the detail of our company.
For the time being, I’m placing my company details in the delivery instructions :smiley:
Thanks for the great program.

Have you tried to enter your company details in Contact Details field on Invoice Template under Settings?

Thank you. It works. I didn’t know changing the invoice template would affect the purchase order form.

You are so right. The thing is, originally Invoice Template was really just for invoices but as I kept adding more features, it became more than that. I will rework that section of the program soon.

I also need to have my company details in the purchase invoice… But it does not show up. I’ve got version 13.12.0. I do have my contact details on the invoice template but it does not migrate to the purchase invoice.

I know but purchase invoice is really just an internal document. You are not supposed to give it to anyone. Why do you need this? I’m not patronizing, just trying to understand your use case to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

No problem. In fact what i really need is a purchase order to send to my suppliers. This is for supplier with whom I have credit terms… As i see it, the purchase invoice is suitable for the instantaneous purchases made by the company (such as online) and for this it works well.

The purchase order would be similar to the purchase invoice but is not immediately subtracted from balance.

Hmmm… I guess it would need a due date which would be based on supplier terms and of course the item delivery date. Maybe it’s enough just to have an order form based on my supplier list and have the amount marked as pending or something? Just thinking out load there.

Ok perhaps I am stupid! I just found purchase orders in general settings… But it was unchecked
I will take a look

By default, only the most common features are enabled. Purchase Orders module is not something everyone would use so it needs to be enabled explicitly.