Lithuanian Invoice & Tax Invoice headings

Can the Manager automatically select the VAT prefix (or any other) in custom theme before the “Invoice” if it is not formed as an non or VAT document? To change with replacing {{title | replace: “INVOICE”, “VAT INVOICE”}} is very simple way but it is not automatic prefix replacing. Now we have and use two bifferent forms (INVOICE & VAT INVOICE). Every time we must select and use one of them according our needs. Exist any way when program can automatically to do it according fixed or non fixed taxes inside document? I think that Manager should select needed prefix according if i will forming Invoice with VAT or without them. Any way to do it?

Invoice or VAT/Tax Invoice relates to in-built tax codes - have you read this topic.

I have read this topic. Not work automatic prefix changing With Lithuanian VAT codes. Need to ask local programmers? Right?

No, you need to wait for @lubos to confirm that Lithuanian titles for Invoice “Sąskaitą faktūra” and VAT Invoice “PVM Sąskaita Faktūra” have been hard-coded into the program.

Very nice! So, need to wait some time. Maybe you know when he plan to do it?

@lubos had already informed he would implement it on another topic. so it will be updated in the same topic when implemented.

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Waiting a news

Fixed in the latest version (18.1.87)

Thanks lubos for good news!