Ammending invoice heading to "TAX INVOICE"

How to Ammend " Invoice" heading to “TAX INVOICE” for sales invoices


What’s your country?

India . Here as per tax laws , we need to print " INvoice " on services and "Tax Invoice " on materials where VAT is applicable . Hence both heading are required for me to generate invoices : (

The way I handle it is that invoice will be automatically called “Tax Invoice” if proper tax codes are used. It’s working this way for number of countries.

I didn’t do it for India yet because India has a lot of tax codes. Can you shed some light on this first?

So if you charge only Service Tax, the invoice can be called Invoice.

If you charge VAT ,then invoice must be called Tax Invoice right?

If that’s the case, I’m going to start adding in-built VAT codes for all Indian states. What is your state and what VAT rates do you have?

Yes Lubos, your understanding is correct.
Service Tax (14% flat rate for all India) = Invoice
CVAT (VAT @4% on total base value ) = TAX INVOICE
CVAT (VAT @ 4% on 100% base value + Service tax @14% on 60% base value ) = TAX INVOICE ( both components to be shown separately as tax charge ) .
These VAT rates are for KARNATAKA state in India .

I will really be thankful if you can add these to start with.
Other way round, it will be more easier for me if you allow to choose between INVOICE / TAX INVOICE for customized taxes. There are way too many in India.

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What’s CVAT? I’ve never heard of this. Are you using it? Otherwise the rest is clear.

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It means comprehensive VAT.
You can also use the nomenclature as VAT . Point to note here is both taxes (service Tax) are separately charged on same invoice .

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I have tried to change the heading invoice to tax invoice in view templates successfully. But One Problem, that is in sales Invoice doesn’t show “PAID IN FULL” seal sign.

The HTML code that appears as a starting point when you create a new view template is NOT the code Manager uses to create the standard invoice. Accordingly, it lacks some of the features in the default sales invoice template. So unless you want to re-code the entire template, you need to stay with the default to get all those nice features.

However, depending on your tax jurisdictions, if you use the built-in tax codes, the conversion to the “Tax Invoice” header is automatic. If you have selected the proper built-in tax code and that conversion does not take place, post that specific problem on this forum and the developer will probably take care of it quickly. He has in other cases.

@goldenbells, not really sure about how CVAT works but I’ve added those two VAT rates in the latest version of Manager as in-built taxes so if you use them on your invoice, the invoice title will say Tax Invoice

@lubos : Is there any link to directly migrate to latest version while keeping the current transactions intact .?
Also , Comprehensive VAT is what I am mainly looking for - to be added in in -built tax rates . You can also call it Works Contract tax 1)WCT = VAT @ 4% on 100% base value
+ Service Tax @ 14% on 60% base value
( bot to be shown separately )
2) VAT @4% ( also to be added )
In bothh scenarios " invoice heading should be " TAX INVOICE"

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Just download and install the latest version right over your old version. Everything is always preserved in the database. No need to uninstall the old version; it happens automatically.

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can you also add “TAX INVOICE” to country: Thailand?
some customer in Thailand they wanted to indicate “original” or “copy” which I used the template and edit ,but the PAD IN FULL doesn’t appear.

Can you also add “TAX INVOICE” to country :Tanzania

Hi Lubos, I’ve just noticed I’ve lost the words TAX Invoice from my invoices. Simply says Invoice.
I’m using Zimbabwe as the country. VAT 15%

Please help.

Was it showing “Tax Invoice” with Zimbabwe VAT 15% previously? The change only occurs for some countries’ built-in tax codes where that heading is required by law. If your tax code is new or you were using another one before, that could explain the difference.

As far as I know, this was never implemented. Anyway, the latest version (16.10.73) will show Tax Invoice if using Zimbabwe 15% tax code.

I always had TAX INVOICE but may have done that myself via templates - which I can no longer find.
Zimbabwe - if VAT registered i.e. one is charging VAT, then the invoice must state TAX INVOICE.

I’ll try the update - thanks for prompt response.


Hi @Lubos, have you implemented that. Still not showing TAX INVOICE.

OK now. I just have to remove my previous VAT code and use the built in one.