Language selection

How to disable automatic translation? Local we use interface with selected Lithuanian language but for export only English. Possible to make invoice template which will have not translated basic titles into Lithuanian when i use selected Lithuanian language on the program? Now we should change program language if want to make quotation or invoice in English. It’s very uncomfortable.

Your language preference is universal, but you can change whenever you want.

Tut, i know. I mean other. I want to use Lithuanian as basic language but sometimes manually select Invoice template only in English without switch my language to English. It is very inconvenient for my accountant to change the main language every time.

Depending on your volume of English invoices, you could set up a separate business just to create these, but that also means you need to re-enter them into your Lithuanian business.

This separate business could be a copy of a backup with changed language, so inventory and customers exist. As required this can be refreshed periodically via another backup.

So, not exist HTML code for theme template which can abort automatically translation? I must create 2’th business for other language?

I’m not a HTML programmer, but perhaps you could create an English invoice theme by taking a Lithuanian theme and converting via HTML all the wording of the layout. Anything is possible with the right skills.

Very thanks Brucanna for help. I will try to do it. It can’t be very difficult because have some experience in HTML programming. PHP for me deep forest :smiley:

Be aware that themes are not written in HTML, but in Liquid. While similar in some respects, they are not the same.

Oh yes. I see