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I just updated to latest version 14.11.27. As I see in HTML themes I get a notice that “HTML Themes are being depreciated. Use View Templates instead.”

Is there any way to convert my old html template to the View template for my invoices?

No, they can’t be automatically converted as the markup is different but don’t worry, HTML themes will keep working in new versions to come. We don’t remove features as not to break anything.

The notice simply means, do not use it as that feature will receive no more enhancements (since there is a new way). But if you are already using it, it will keep working.

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Hello again. in 15.0.10 i cant add new html theme though. So whats the solution about that?

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ok i did it (i took the old template and make it in liquid template)

For everyone need it its in here Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground
(i dont know if its correct and its for Greek language)

If someone see any mistake please be kind to inform me!

For Greek People
in {{ summary }} i have the option to change what kind of invoice it is (services or goods)

and in {{ notes }} i have put the payment way

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Dear Tilidadis, I am extremely trying to make Invoice template as, Tax rate column should be compulsory on each invoice whether there are same tax rate or different tax rates for all items.

Sammer i have tryied a couple of thing but cant find the variable that has amount with tax for line
i even tried {{ }} but didnt make any sence.

I want tax column on invoice only. When tax rate is same for each item, tax column not shown, only tax amount taken below total amount. When tax rates are different for each item, then tax column shown on invoice printout. Pl understant

Have you tried the default view theme for invoice? If I understand correct it is there what you want.

@Sameer, in what country is this a requirement?

@dragan_vukosavljevic gave trick for this.

In CSS we have to replace 1 by 0 in line 58, 68, 78 & 86.

Then tax rate column appears on each invoice, whether there is single tax rate or different.

That was helpful.

Please guide me how to keep invoice table hight fix. Means when there is one item, table becomes short & more items more height. I want fix height about 10 rows. Remaing space may be leave empty.

@Sameer, I can’t assist you with individual HTML requirements. All I can do is take feature requests and make it easier within the program. For example, to allow minimal height, there could be a variable in the template you could change to get desired results.

For now, why don’t you create sales invoice with 10 empty line items? They will show as blank space as you require without any HTML modifications.

Dear Lubos, I did this way. But 0.00 figures are showing in empty rows…

I really appreciate it by giving such a wonderful software free of cost, for this I salute to “Team Manager” and all its administration, Wish you good luck and success one after the others… Sameer

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