Links in Custom Fields (Inventory)

Can the custom field in the inventory have a link whereby it can open the pictures of the inventory. the source file of the images will be in the local C: drive . can it possible to make amended in the custom field to have links too.

Custom fields don’t support “image” type yet. I have some plans to add more data types in future so this could be handled.

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I agree that some kind of functionality where I could quote for laptops or computers etc and email the client a picture of the laptop or computer would be useful. I do not know how best to implement this within the inventory/warehouse module, but I do agree that having the ability to include pictures for some inventory items could be very useful.

@lubos Can a custom filed be linked with another custom filed? What I want is, I made a custom filed in Inventory + Sales Invoice + Purchase Invoice and I want all 3 custom fields (Contains Number Data) should linked with each other and the value should be changed accordingly. Is it possible?

What do you mean by being linked with each other? How do you imagine it should work?

@lubos Actually I have to maintain 2 types of quantity for my inventory item. One is Quantity in Pcs. and another is Quantity in Kgs. I can’t use Inventory Kit because my every single item is not same in Kgs. Suppose the items is Chicken. I have 300 Pcs chicken which are 480.55 Kgs. I have to maintain both Pcs and Kgs with purchase and sales. How can I do this?

This is not supported. You have to choose one unit then. How do you choose? Generally choose unit which your suppliers are using. If your suppliers are charging you by Pcs, then choose Pcs. If they are charging you by Kg, choose Kg.

If you buy in one unit (Pcs) and sell in another unit (Kgs), then you need to create two inventory items. And since you can’t use inventory kits (because conversion is not constant), you need to use production orders to convert Pcs into Kgs. So then you can charge customers by Kgs and still get correct cost of goods sold.

You are basically manufacturing Kgs from Pcs.