Make it possible to upload images of the products

it would be awsome if u can update a feature for uploading images !!! make this option available in custom field so it would more worth… thanks

This would be amazing. But perhaps it cound be added at the same time as the warehouse module?

Yes this would a be great feature to have

I think this all ties in with the ‘adding attachments’ such as jpegs, PDFs etc This topic has been around for many months now.

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This needs to be implemented in three different aspects at least.

  1. Clickable Thumbnail or “photo” text , inline with the list of items in inventory tab.
  2. Small “clickable or not” photo when opening the item, that might or might not be automatically shrinked to size.
  3. A “Product folder” button that will open a specific to the item folder, that we might through PDF’s, videos or anything we want inside. Its a folder after all. (The photo could be uploaded here automatically or not. We could upload it here, and then set it up by clicking a rectangle photo placeholder that we could pick it up from there. Or click the “rectangle photo placeholder” and if we upload a photo there, a copy or the photo goes to that folder as well. Choose your flavor.
  4. Ability to include any of the files in the folder, to emails of orders,offers,invoices,as attachments. For example I always send to my customer a “Delivery,payment and warranty Rules” pdf.