Linking accounts

I posted a question on linking information on sales invoices or purchase invoices to appropriate sales tax accounts earlier. But now I see I need to understand how to link accounts in general. For example, in my Chart of Accounts, I have


Accounts receivable1210
Reimbursable Client Expenses1280

I have just entered an invoice, and now want to enter the payment of that invoice. When I open the invoice and click on receive money, the “Received In” field gives a message “No Matches Found”. So the accounts are not linked. The amounts show on my P&L, Tax Audit, Tax Summary, and Aged Receivables, so the invoice was entered correctly, other than the lack of linkage. As per my earlier question, I also need to link the GST to, in this case, GST on Sales. Also, on my balance sheet, the tax amount shows up as Income Tax Payable, instead of GST Payable. Or does Manager just lump all taxes together on the balance sheet?

This is where you select the Bank/Cash account which is to receive the payment

If you are getting the message “No Matches Found” then no Cash Accounts have been created, you need to read this Guide and possibly a lot of the other ones as well

The field you refer to is for the cash account into which the money will be received, not the account to which the receipt will be posted. The “No Matches Found” result indicates you have not defined any cash accounts. Without at least one, you cannot receive money.

I do have a Cash account set up - simply name Cash with the code 1010 and in my Asset section. The report shows zero - no net increases and no cash at end of period.

Did you create that account under the Cash Accounts tab, or set it up independently in the chart of accounts. You must do the former or many features of Manager don’t work.

I did turn on the Cash Accounts tab, then I’m pretty sure I just used the default cash account, just adding an account code. I’ve also given codes to categories - here’s a screen shot of my chart of accounts:

If I did screw up, how can I now set up the account under the cash accounts tab?

I think I might just have sorted it out…stay tuned :slight_smile:

Based on your COA, you definitely did not set up a cash account. And there is no default cash account. Read the Guide you were linked to.