Receiving invoices


Good day,

I’m new to Manager, but have the following question, when I created the invoice it was linked to certain income items. However when I receive the money into the bank account, it updates accounts receivable and not the different income accounts. What am I doing wrong causing this issue.




Nothing - your Sales Invoice linked income items updates the income accounts, the received money updates the account receivable.

Do you have your Summary tab - Set Period set to cash or accrual basis.
Accrual basis will show the income when the Sales Invoice is created.
Cash Basis will show the income when the Sales Invoice is paid.


Cash basis, thanks for the feedback


You can toggle between cash and accrual without any trouble to see how things differ.
Most businesses use Accrual basis as it is more disclosing about the financial status.


Hi, Can I continue here? I have recorded a payment through a bank transaction, but it didn’t update the corresponding A/R account. This is strange. Please help.



Did you use this as your Account line
0 AR Cash Entry


Make sure you have read the Guide:


Hi Tut. Thanks for your reply. I have been using manager for 3 months now and it works fine, until this. I selected the correct customer account and with or without specific invoice allocation, the entry didn’t reach the customer’s A/R account.


can you post screenshots of your receipt edit screen?



why is the payer different from the customer selected against the Accounts Receivable account?


And why do you have a customer “Capital Equipment.” The second field of your line items should only include customer’s names. For “Capital Equipment” to be in that list, you had to define a customer named “Capital Equipment.”

Capital equipment should be defined under the Fixed Assets tab.

For a receipt to show up against a customer’s Accounts receivable balance, you need to select that customer.


Yes the payer is different but belongs to the same owner. It’s a little complicated. :slight_smile:


A payer can be any third party who is providing direct funding on behalf of the customer.
Capital Equipment can be the name of a customer / business so doesn’t have to be a fixed asset.

But if we focus on the issue, @Maria_April can you go to the Customers tab and click on the balance for the customer and post a screenshot of the transactions displayed.


The customer’s name is Capital Equipment.


Hi Brucanna. That’s right. If we check the customer’s account, these entries do not reflect thus the balance is unaffected. I have checked if a suspense account will pop out but nothing.


Yes, but can we see a screenshot of the customer transactions after clicking on their balance under the Customers tab.


Figured it out. It’s working now. I reset the period.