Line item Selection method

why it is necessary to select each item with the help of mouse in windows, can it be improved to be selected by keyboard using tab and Enter button rather selecting each item with mouse again and again individually.

you can already insert new lines with just keyboard.
use TAB button until you highlight the Add line button and just hit ENTER.

what i want to say is that selection of item i.e from list as

it can be selected only with mouse can not scroll up and down with keyboard keys you have to scroll with mouse only.

the cursor flashes in the item search field so the keyboard will not function in the item list.
a keyboard cannot function in two different places at the same time.
just start typing the item name and you can easily select the required item. the search is provided because it will be helpful when you have a lot of inventory items as it would take a lot of time scrolling to select the required item.

i think it is possible as in other softwares with large inventory one can scroll up and down with keyboard up and down key while searching from list of items.

This behavior is actually dependent on your operating system and/or browser. The topic has been discussed on the forum previously. See this topic: Keyboard down arrow not working - #16 by lubos.

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