Navigating forms with arrow keys

I imagine that this has been mentioned before but on searching the forums I couldn’t find any specific answers or current topics on it.

Can you please implement the capability to navigate forms using the arrow keys?

As an example, when entering a purchase invoice, I just want to click “Add line (20x)” a few times and then work my way down the form entering my item codes.
Currently, I either have to keep hitting tab over and over to get to the new line or use my mouse.
It would be such a simpler and more convenient process if I could just type in the code, hit the down arrow, type the next code, hit the down arrow, etc, etc, etc.

It would also be good if when typing in a code, and the dropdown box appears with options, the arrow keys could be used to move down to the correct item and select it. Currently, the only option is to keep typing until the correct item is selected at the top of the list or, yet again, use the mouse.

If the arrow keys could be used in these situations, I could input a whole form with hardly having to use the mouse at all. Currently, I’m constantly having to move my hand away from the keyboard to the mouse and back again. This actually adds a considerable amount of time to the process.

Thank you for your great work and for considering these sugestions :slight_smile:


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Yes, as you guessed, this has been raised many times before. The problem is that different browsers (for online editions) and operating systems behave differently when it comes to arrows and enter keys (or their equivalents). And not all internet-capable devices have arrow keys. The interface is not like navigating a spreadsheet.