Enter key not working


enter key is nor working in your softwarer
when i create invoice entaer key is very important for quick billing


What do you expect the Enter key to do with respect to which function or functions in the program?


You can’t use the enter key to move from field to field.


You can use the Tab key for that.


yes but when I create 2 item in invoices then tab key select add line
option. then open item list . if I enter item list but open 3rd line. so
better every time enter key is best then tab key. same this have another
software. but this is good software for customizing. so if possible do that
. thanks to all


Hello zillu,

Sorry, it’s a little bit difficult to understand what you are trying to say. Forgive us if we misunderstand you.

  • If you press TAB enough times, you will notice that the Add line button is selected. This is noticeable by the colour of the button becoming slightly darker.
  • When you are on the Add line button, you can press ENTER repeatedly to add multiple line items.

Also, in addition to pressing TAB to go forward, you can press SHIFT+TAB together to go backwards in the selection of items on the screen.


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