Being able to use the up and down arrow keys

Being able to use the up and down arrow keys to select from a drop down list.

This has bothered me many a time. For example, I start typing a name in the Payee Box, after the first couple letters a drop down list appears. I try to use the arrow down key to select the name that I want and push enter to continue. But it doesn’t work. This goes the same for a lot of data entry boxes

Is this something that we can get added to the Ideas Category, and implemented in a future update.

This behavior is dependent on your operating system or the browser through which you are viewing manager. So it cannot be built into the program as a universal feature.

I am using Windows 10 and the desktop version of Manager. and this does work in other programs.

@Tut I can confirm that up and down keys, for instance, while choosing a client from the listing in [Sales Invoices] do not function in the managerio desktop version for Windows 10. (Both latest versions).
Same situation on a Macbook, macOS 10.15.5, then up and down keys are working fine.
Haven’t tested it yet on a Linux machine.

I went and tried it in Linux and can confirm that it does work in Linux Debian.

Other programs are written for specific operating systems. Manager runs the same program on all operating systems, functioning as a browser. And you may have noticed that arrow keys do not work on all web sites with all browsers. Similarly, in Manager, sometimes arrow keys scroll the window, sometimes they scroll a list, sometimes they do nothing, depending on whether you are running the desktop edition or browsing in the server or cloud editions. And behavior varies with different browsers.

This topic has been covered endlessly in previous threads of the forum. Arguing that “this works in other program” is wasting your time.

Ok I can understand that and yes I know that Manager runs as a browser. Not the best way to do it, but it works (except for this). I suspect the most of the desktop version users are on windows. So why cant we make something that works for them.

Because a fundamental philosophy of the developer (there is no “we”, as Manager is not an open-source collaboration) is to offer the same program to everyone, regardless of operating system, edition, language, or browser. Are you aware that program behavior also changes when printing on different printers due to variations in printer drivers? Or that displays look different on monitors of different resolution and physical size? What about display differences based on appearance preferences a user has chosen for either their browser or operating system? What about users who access remotely stored data from multiple machines—even using the desktop edition? The possible combinations are almost endless. So why should there be a special edition for Windows desktop users? And if there was, which version of Windows should be chosen?

And what would be a better way that achieves the same degree of universality and flexibility at the development pace of the program?

Thats great, so make it so it works good, easy, and efficient for everybody.

but its not impossible to make the up and down arrow keys work on Windows 10. and I am quite sure it is possible to make it work without making a special edition just for windows 10.

to me this is a bug in the program because the arrow keys are fundamental keys in any data entry program along with the tab key, enter key and many more.

But not on many web pages.

Hey Tut what about using enter instead to go to the next row. And if you want to make space below, we just use shift+enter. Like normal text windows.

What if you don’t want to go to the next row? As you gain experience with the program, I believe you will see why that is not practical.

No field in Manager is a “normal text window,” whatever that means.