Keyboard Interface

The fact is that everything in this software is inserted or selected using the mouse, which greatly slows down the work of the software itself. I am concerned about you to consider my idea on this issue.

I suggest, if possible, to enter a new data entry table using a keyboard that would only be active under the conditional option if the user wanted it, by clicking the button as in the pictures.

This way of entering data would not have any impact on the functions that were already embedded in the software, but many have been involved in the work where they need it.

Thank you…

As said, since a web application, keyboard shortcuts are linked to the browser and the OS… so it’s not feasible

There are ways to implement keyboard shortcuts in the browser interface (a well-implemented one comes to mind in the Zimbra mail server web interface), but it would entail a complete re-write of the Manager presentation engine and there’s absolutely no guarantee that all browsers will honour the underlying programming.

Given that everything apart from the initial initiation of a new invoice/order/etc. is already accessible from the keyboard though, why complicate things with (based on your suggestion) dozens of new esoteric commands to remember? This was a major reason for WordPerfect collapsing back in the day (for those old enough to remember).

Just click to create a new document, then use the TAB key and space bar where appropriate to move between or select elements. If you’re keyboard-centric, just leave your mouse pointing to where the “New document” button is, and you won’t even have to move your mouse to churn through documents.