Suggestion for automatically adding line items

We have a retail shop and we have a lot of items there. My problem is that a cash sale event is taking longer time because we have to click the new line with the mouse before each item registration or click “Tab” several times after each item. I hope, for sales and returns, that when we hit the barcode of an item, it directly register new line without manual intervene; just like other accounting programs. So, we just hit barcodes and that’s it… We should only intervene if we want to add quantity.

To my guess, this can be done as just selecting the item code. Item is fetched with the description and price it’s ouly to enter the quentiy.

And we can use barcode scanner to scan the code which should be item code in manager.

I have entered inventory items with their codes, and when I choose one, everything is fitched. But it doesn’t go to the next line… I have to do it manually; imagine if you have like 20 items are bought by a customer, that is going to take a long time to complete a sale transaction. I don’t really have a barcode reader, but I’m willing to have one. Anyway, I’ve seen reply for @lubos at one topic that barcode reader works like a keyboard. So, the issue is not with the barcode reader, it’s with the program

If you are selecting items manually, as you later said, how do you expect Manager to automatically know to add a line? It can’t. It stays with the line you are working on so you can edit quantity, apply tax code, discount, etc.

You are expecting an accounting program to offer the checkout speed of a point of sale system. The POS system is optimized for one thing. A general purpose accounting program is never going to be as fast.

As a small help, add a bunch of additional lines at a time. Then you can tab through them rapidly without having to stop to add a new line for every item:


This is not the point, I’m not talking about adding lines, lines are already added. But the cursor doesn’t move to the second “already added” line after registering the first item.

BTW, what is POS?

If you are not talking about adding lines, and the lines are already there, all you have to do to add content for a new inventory item is select it in the Itemfield. Since you are not using a bar code reader, the only way to do this is to select the item in the dropdown box. So what is your issue? The cursor does not need to move. Just click the arrow in the dropdown box.

You also complained that after entering items, you had to tab several times to reach the next line. If you think you are wasting time tabbing through fields that are already filled, do as I said in the previous paragraph: just click the arrow in the dropdown box.

Basically, it seems you are complaining about the absence of a feature you cannot use, since you do not have a bar code reader.

POS stands for Point Of Sale. POS systems typically include bar code readers and cash registers and are designed to speed creation of receipts or sales invoices during a checkout process and facilitate receipt of payment. But they are useless for general accounting. Their outputs are inputs into accounting systems.

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This is the point. At other programs, if they like 10 items - one piece of each - they will never even touch the computer during reading barcodes. They will just scan barcodes one by one and the cursor will move directly to the other line… I’m willing to have a barcode reader but if it doesn’t move to next one, it will be not beneficial. Watch this video at (1:18). maybe you’ll get my point

You just illustrated the point I was making. Your video is about a POS system, not an accounting program.

Ahaa, now I get it. So, Thank you @Tut