Line alignment is wrong

Hi Teem
i am using manager v 20.8.63 in this version i am facing this problem.

plz guide me to resolve this issue.

update dotnet to the current version and it will work again

The latest version of .Net Windows 7 & 8.1 supports is 4.8, and Windows 8.0 supports 4.6.1 according to

I’m already using dot net 4.6.1

What is your operating system version, @aastik121? If it will function with a higher version of .NET framework, update .NET. This problem has been reported fairly frequently in the past couple months, and so far as has been reported it has always been resolvable with a .NET update.

That’s not the current version

i am using windows 7 sp1 and dotnet framework ver. 4.6.2

If your problem is resolved then that is great (you marked your own post as the solution). If not the current version for Windows 7 is dotNet v4.8