Learn how to: Cloud version

I noticed that the cloud edition of manager.io does not have the toggle switch for “learn how to.”

I couldn’t figure out why this feature is only available in the desktop version only because it is very handy to have the guides at hand

The reason is that cloud edition is usually used by businesses with staff. And they want to provide their own training.

That makes sense, but as a small business owner, I manage my business daily, train my staff and clients’ staff, and having to answer questions every now and then is very tiring. I can tell my staff off, but I can’t do that to my clients.

Anyway I understand how this may ruin some big businesses’ training on their procedures which are different to the guides.

But, is there any permanent link to the latest guides so I can post this everywhere I can in manager?

The current Guides are always here: Guides | Manager.

Thanks mate