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Just saw this mail now.

My questions are:

  1. To be trained in how to implement and use manager.

  2. The cost of Manager - cloud base

  3. Type of Desktop and Laptop to use.

  4. Can the training be for 7 days.

  5. Guide me to down load the talking manual.

  6. Would like to market Manager and set it up for close relatives companies in Nigeria

Awaits your reply.



Read the Guides.

For the cloud edition, any computer that can connect to the internet.

There is no training. I recommend creating a test company and experimenting as you read the Guides.

There is no talking manual. You may have found something about Manager on You-Tube or other sites. But these are not official, are usually badly out of date, and should not be relied upon.

There are no affiliate or representation programs. There is a Guide about rebranding if you want to do that. But anyone can use the desktop edition for free.