Cloud Version - missing " learn how to"

Dear Team
I have been using desktop edition for quite a long time. Recently i have shifted to cloud version.
my cloud version interface is missing " lean how to" tab on the bottom. It was of great help for me whenever i have to take some help. Plz guide how to enable it on cloud version interface.

Hi @aman880,

This is done on purpose since Cloud and Server Editions are multi-user and the employer may have different procedures that the general standard procedures described in the guides.

So the link was removed intentionally in order to avoid any conflict or confusion.

However, you can always access the guides directly through this link Guides | Manager and find the topic you need.

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Imo most users would benefit from having direct access to the guides, so that logic does not make any sense to me.

The only real reason I’m aware of is people reselling Manager as their own product (white labled) don’t want their customers finding they are subscribing to a reseller and other options are available. That maket segment should be addressed by an administrator configuration setting imo.

Yes you are right about guides. but it seems a little hectic to me to open separate browser and then bla bla bla…
Moreover that tab have very relevant topics so very easy to pin point some ones’ issue

The decision to remove all branded links from the cloud edition was a very deliberate business decision by NGSoftware. It is not the purpose of this forum to second-guess such decisions. I am closing this topic.