Manager Tutorial

Dear All,

I am new on Manager. Please help to find any detail tutorial for for better understanding. Help will be appreciated.



Read the Guides.

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I can’t find Guides link even. Please help to provide.

From main menu bar (at top of manager screen) select “Support” then click on the link to the guides

Install Manger and experiment. There is an example business provided by default but building your own test businesses rapidly becomes more useful. Then just experiment to see if it does the things you want.

I agree with the above posters that the guides are useful, see Guides | Manager They are the entire instruction manual though so can be a bit over whelming initially. So start there but if you have trouble finding specific information, ask a question about the issue.

These guides are also available for offline viewing as a PDF book.

Thank you I did not know that it was in a PDF format

There is a Guide about that. And the link is at the top of the Guides page.

Sorry Tut wasn’t a question merely a statement.Usually read the guides on line so have never bothered to look for a PDF.

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