Lead / Quote follow up

Hi Team,
Is there any option where we can keep follow up remark with our quote shared i.e. Open/Lost/Closed etc.?

At the present time, Manager does not track status of sales quotes. These are not actually financial transactions and have no impact on your records, inventory quantities, etc. Of course, sales quotes are useful for proposing and obtaining business, but their primary benefit in Manager is the ability to use the Copy to function to turn them directly into sales orders, sales invoices, etc.

A custom field can be added to sales quotes as described in this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/8941. You might select the drop-down list type. Since you want these to show in the Sales Quotes tab, but not on the actual quote, check the appropriate box:

04 AM

As status changes, edit the sales quote.

Thanks Tut…Its really help.