Progressing Quotes to Orders

Hello, we recently installed as a way of managing the quotes we offer to customers.
We have other software for invoicing and accounting - but we felt the initial simplicity of this software was exactly what we needed.
However there is one point we’re stuck on…
We have a growing list of quotes, many have now been accepted by the customer - is there a way to “show” this - by progressing it into the orders tab for example. Or even just categorizing it as “Won” or similar?
As it stands - we still don’t know at a quick glance which quotes are active, dead or progressed.
Looking forwarding to your advice :slight_smile:

You need to add a custom field “Status” to your Sales Quote form - and allow it have a value dead, active or progressed

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To @Joe91’s comment, I would add that using two accounting systems for different functions seldom turns out well. In particular, since Manager treats sales quotes simply as convenient methods for entering information that can later be copied to sales orders or sales invoices (among other things), choosing Manager primarily for the functionality of generating quotes is a puzzling choice. Sales quotes within Manager really don’t do anything. So why bother? You could accomplish the same thing by generating quotes in word processing documents and adding status into their titles as it changes.

Thanks Joe for that useful advice, we will try that.
Tut, thankyou for your opinion.

We put numbers in front of our status field so it sorts properly.

1 - In Progress
2 - Delivered
3 - Won
4 - Lost

This way when you click the column header it sorts it the way you want not just alphabetical.