Status for sales quotes

Would it be possible to add column on Sales Quote so we can see the status of sales quotes.

We could key in the status of the quotes, the live one and the closed RFQ

What sort of statuses would be sufficient?

  • Open
  • Closed

Or something more fancy such as:

  • Pending
  • Cancelled
  • Expired
  • Accepted
  • Declined

Open and Closed should be fine, and Remarks column where we could key in the details in brief .

Open and converted would be great.

Sorry, Also, a Status column on Purchase Order tab with Open, Received and Converted ?

Lubos, the second option would be good. To have a more fancy as you propose: pending, cancelled, etc.

If the Statuses could be “Renamed” by the user; I think would be good. Otherwise, *Open or *Closed would be a great option.

Has there been any progress on status on sales quotes ?

For me, the Status’ should be ( Active, Ready, Hold, Closed) If you made some Default Status, such as you’ve suggested, with the option for the User to rename them would be outstanding.

Does status can be implement as you suggest in sales quotes, please

It would be good to have status in sales quotes and also a counter to tell automatically when the status is pending, cancelled, open, etc…

Is there any news on status on sales quotes level ?

I use these as a kind of job card which I fill out and print every time a customer is booked in. I use this as a notepad about the job then once it’s invoiced I need only open quotes at the top.

Sorry not the best at explaining things!

I would also like to add customer contact details to this form when view templates are implemented across printable documents.

I came to conclusion that just status won’t be enough. If the quote is declined, expired or cancelled, then fine. But if it’s accepted, you want to select an invoice (or pro-forma invoice if customer is not going to be invoiced straightaway) so you maintain some sort of link between invoices and accepted quotes. I’m going to add pro-forma invoices before end of this month, then I’ll have all the pieces in the program to implement status function.

Hi Lubos,

Wondering if any updates on this yet? I think the basic options on status of quotes should be - “Open, Converted (Won), Lost”. Won quotes can be converted into Invoices or Proforma invoices as per the business practices.

It would also help if I can generate a report on Sales Quotation based on value, Age of quote, or filtering between open and Won.

I do realize that this would probably be an all new module. Just that it would help for someone with 2-3 sales guys to keep tab of the business proposals being sent out :smile:

Hi, is there any news on this???

Could a very basic tick box system be implemented for the time being until something more elegant is implemented? Just so once ticked it would move the quotes down the list and leave the unticked quotes nearer the top.

Big thanks.

Hello, any news here. I am also very interested on this feature

Hi, was anything done with the status columns? In Quote lists it would be great to know if a quote is still open or Closed (ordered) in Sales Order a column is a must to know if the Order is still open or Invoiced. This way no orders go without being invoiced or duplicated by mistake. A feature that can add/sum up the sales column would be great too. Any input on this?

I really want to start working on this feature asap because I know it’s important. Also, it’s a building block for other features such as low inventory alerts etc. So it’s coming very soon.

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@lubos I will very pleased to see this feature come in asap as this is a very necessary feature. not sure what status results you want to create, but I need something like open, successful sale, lost business and closed.

The closed status for me would be something like a quote that does not get used in the sense that a client might want to change things on the original quote, so I have to draw up a new quote with the changes. So the original quote needs to be closed but I don’t want to call it lost business so I would just simply close those quotes.

The names you use are not in itself important, but rather the categories that I have listed. Thank you.

HI, may I add my thoughts to this as well? Don’t know how complicated it would be to create, but how about this: 1. you have a sales quote - it turns into a sales order so you click on copy to to create the order (and later you do the same to create the invoice). Now - how about every time you convert the quote (order) into order (invoice) using the copy to it takes the quote (or order) away from your quote/order list. Through this you have only the open quotes / orders in your lists and they are not cluttered up with jobs which are done. I think for me that would work. Don’t know if I explained it right. Thanks