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I operate desktop manager on windows 10,64bit. .I use Trend Micro Maximum Security.
After downloading the latest version it will not install and i also lose the older version.I reinstalled from my backup and it works fine again.
Please advise
I read somewhere that Trend may be the issue however i have never had a problem with Trend before
Thank you for your assistance

You need to furnish more information. Did you get any error messages? If so, post screen shots. When you say you reinstalled from your backup, what do you mean? Are you referring to importing a backup business file, or reinstalling a previously downloaded version of the program? Finally, what is Trend Micro Maximum Security? Is this an anti-virus program? If so, did you turn it off during the update? Can you set it to allow updates of Manager?

Before i upgrade i back up my records.I then down loaded the updates.THIS does not affect any records.i have on desk top and i have my back up in case there is an error.
I down loaded the last up dates without a problem however when i tried to open manager it would not open.
No error messages ,Manager simply would not open.
I restored, as per the guidelines , an old version of manager 2019 reinstalled my back up and it works perfectly

@gerard, you did not mention installing the newly downloaded version of Manager. Just downloading it onto your desktop does not install it. And it is not meant to be opened from there. If on Windows or Mac, choose the appropriate Guide to follow:
For technical reasons, there is no similar Guide for Linux. Basically, though, update is the same as original installation.

Sorry to clarify I downloaded the update then installed it ,windows 10 – no problems. Once installed when I tried to open it ,it would not.I have followed exactly the same routine I have always followed previously and never had this problem



You did not answer my question about what Trend Micro Maximum Security is. If it’s an anti-virus program, can you temporarily disable it? Can you override it to tell it Manager is OK?

Assuming you can, I would either turn off or disable Trend, download a fresh copy of Manager, and reinstall. If you succeed, you will know it’s Trend. Could be a false positive, which can only be solved by you communicating with the developer of that software.

@gerard why do you believe your issue with Manager is related to Trend Micro Maximum Security? I mean if Trend software would prevent Manager from starting, then I assume the program would tell you. If Manager doesn’t start at all - no error - no notice… it could be something else at fault.

I have had trend micro on my pc for years and downloaded manager during this period without a problem.I will disable trend and see if it downloads


@gerard, your last post is a little confusing. Previously, you reported you could not open Manager after downloading and installing. Now, you say you will see if you can download the program. Which is it?

Sorry I download it,install but then cannot open it


So what happens when you install it - does it finish the install correctly?

What happens when you try to run the program -?

Please show screen images of what happens?

The installation worked when down loaded and run. Thereafter you could not open the Manager when you clicked on it